What are ART Chiropractic treatments like?

ART Chiropractic treatments are more than an adjustment.

Our focus is to get you back to your active lifestyle through our proven active release techniques and chiropractic services. First and foremost, people we love to work with are motivated, seek positive treatments that work, and are willing to listen to their bodies, giving us needed feedback necessary to help you get active and/or maintain an active lifestyle.

With over 14 years and 1000's of happy patients, we understand that 'Pain is not a lifestyle', nor should it be. Your body is telling you, it hurts, a change is needed. It is our goal to use proper techniques that improve the following:

Range of Motion Improvment
Reduction of pain
Restoring proper nerve function
Reduce scar tissue from an injury or over use.
Re-educate muscles

If all it took was taking a 'pill' and waiting, we would not be in business. The body is an amazing creation, withstanding the pounding and hectic lifestyle that many of us really enjoy. This is why having the proper tools, and care is necessary to make sure that we can continue on our journey. We are not in the business of creating unrealistic expectations, that is unethical, what we are in the business of is going beyond just adjustments and giving people real treatments that help the body heal naturally.

Our videos + blogs are all about sharing information to help you make a solid decision. Every body is different, therefore a holistic approach (meaning the utilization of multiple factors to help you get a handle and understanding) that spells out the steps to get you back to 'Your active'.