A.R.T. Chiropractic, it's more than an adjustment

Now, the pictures show 8 different slide decks in succession, this is only half the treatment for this particular patient. He started out with a low back problem that when it got better, he realized that his shoulder was giving him trouble (he was just ignoring the issue). Once he got better with his back, he asked Dr. Jeff to look at his shoulder.

A.R.T. Chiropractic is more than an adjustment, it is a process that speeds up healing time, and reinforces proper function / movement for those who wish to be active. Getting adjusted over and over again is just that, retraining the tissue, muscles, joints to work together in their intended way is being healthy, leading to an active lifestyle.

Want to see the rest of this treatment?

Shoulder Injury | Chiropractic ART, here is how one adjustment looks.

Scott, prepares for adjustment, doing muscle work, soft tissue massage with trigger point therapy to get the muscles ready for Chiropractic adjustment and ART.

Should Injury 3 | Adjusting thorasic spine and lumbar spine

Adjusting thoracic spine and lumbar spine, progress is being made here, Chiropractic ART makes it last, anything less is just an adjustment.

Shoulder Injury 5 | psoas, for low back pain.

Psoas adjustment, for low back pain. Without Active Release Techniques, this would be just an adjustment, ART increases strength, reduces pain, reducing recovery time.

Lower back injury 7 | Adjusting lumbar spine on the other side

Adjusting lumbar spine on the other side, making sure proper function is true for right and left, the whole body as one.

Shoulder injury 2 | Dr. Jeff starting his work: Evaluate / Assess / Perform ART/ Chiropractic

Dr. Jeff comes in, evaluates/assessed, performing ART on the infraspinatus and teres muscles (two of the 4 rotator cuff muscles)

Shoulder Injury 4 | Serratus anterior muscle work

Serratus anterior muscle: (holds your shoulder blade to your rib cage, when it is not working properly, you'll see the blade winging out.

Shoulder Injury 6 | Working the hip rotators

Hip rotators

Lower back Injury 8 | Psoas adjustment with ART Chiropractic

More Psoas work on the other side with Chiropractic ART