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Injured in a Car Accident recently?

Get relief with Chiropractic ART

Being in a car accident is never a desire result. Everyday people are injured in car accidents. The worst part is that everyone seems to have the 'right' answer. This makes getting the right treatment so that you can get back to your 'normal'. Many follow advice from the wrong professions.

What I mean by that is that every person is different, their body needs different action to correct what has been physically altered. Are we the clinic for everyone? No, nor do we want to be.

Western medicine is the best for acute care, there are pain relievers that do wonders. We understand that need, what western medicine does not fully understand (remember western medicine is a business first), every body needs a comprehensive treatment plan that does more than cover up the physical pain.

Retraining of specific muscles (after trauma)
Elimination of scar tissue that builds up from the bodies autonomic system to repair the damage, this needs to be broken up & elimination. (It won't happen on its own). If left alone, you will suffer reduced range of motion, increased pain, decreased mobility and strength. Who wants that? Taking long term medications for this scenario only covers it up, while continuing to reduce your activity over time.
Reduction of pain
Improvement of range of motion
We want people to make informed decisions about their own bodies. Chiropractic ART gives your body the chance to heal efficiently, and effectively. We have a proven process that is miles ahead of many other protocols, and we can prove it.

Anything less, well is just an adjustment. find out for yourself, you are the best judge of the activity level you choose.

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