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Happy Clients

Jeff, Liann and Scott are the best. They really care about every patient as an individual and the outcome of the treatments is phenomenal! My wife and I now live over 30 miles away from Hillside's offices but we will not go anywhere else! Treat your body and go get a treatment as soon as possible.

Tom Hase

Nov 24, 2014

I saw Dr. Jeff several months ago with a painful frozen shoulder issue, where I could not even lift my hand above my head. Dr. Jeff preformed his ART treatment, and I noticed a significant difference after my very first visit. Now after a few months of treatment, I now have full use of my shoulder/arm without pain anymore. I would recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone. Not only does he do great work, but he explains what he is doing while he does it.

Jim Hazeman

Apr 10, 2014

As someone that has had headaches since age 4, I was skeptical to go to another chiropractor. After I was hospitalized again in 2010 for 5 days due to a severe migraine that would not go away no matter what medication I was given, a friend suggested I go to Hillside Chiropractic. After seeing Dr. Jeff just three times I was able to get rid of my migraines and took myself off of my headache medications. Three years later, I only have a headache one to two days per year, much much less then before.

Renee Lupien

Feb 11, 2014

Reducing my pain and improving range of motion has been a problem since I had my accident. Dr. Jeff has been able to do what others could not. I haven't always been a fan of chiropractic, but know that it is all about finding the right person to understand what it is my body needs and providing. Thank you Dr. Jeff for helping me get back to the activity level I enjoy.

Doug Sherwood

Aug 22, 2013