ART - Active Release Technique | Focused Therapy for an Active Body

ART or Active Release Technique is more than a process, it is a proven way to get your body back to its normal state, in order to do that, we must break up scar tissue and allow the body to heal. Watch this video for a clear understanding of ART:

As you can see, ART is scientifically proven to be an effective technique used to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Click here for Part 2 video on Scar Tissue

Scroll down to see ART in action with both Dr. Jeff and Liann retraining, strengthening, and relieving pain.

Headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, neck pain and back pain are just a few of the many conditions that can be helped with ART. ART is a great treatment option in any area of the body from your head to your toes as there can be soft tissue injuries in any of those areas.

While it is wonderful to talk about how well this technique works, we would rather show you. I have met many people who have tried various therapies and not received the benefits they seek. Every body is different and the best way to make an informed decision is to be an informed, educated decision maker.

If you are dedicated to staying active as long as you can, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about ART or Active Release Technique.

I challenge you, if you are not fully convinced, give me 4 treatments, help me understand what your current situation is, where you want to get to, if I see that we can reach that with effective ART, I will be happy to help get you there.

Come in, see the other patients in action with Dr. Jeff, ask questions, be very informed, and you will see our mission in action: Focused Therapy for an Active Body.

Active Release Technique | Helps the body heal itself

ART is more than a chiropractic adjustment, it is retraining the body to work efficiently. As you can see, Liann is moving the limbs (range of motion) while Dr. Jeff is strengthening, re-educating the muscles for pain reduction and improved function.